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Today I fell in love with: First weeks by Gem Club

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There is a song for every occasion, but what about for each division of the holiday? We hear about “love” around February 14th so much most of us are ready to lose it.  We mourn the loves we have had and lost, and obsess over the ones that do not yet exist.  Yet we have only thought of the extremes of the scale; there are far more nuanced moods that fall on the spectrum. Here are a few songs for the sad, silly, beautiful, tragic in between moments, both for the past and future:

For missing someone in that hand-written, old-fashioned kind of way: Anberlin - Stationary Stationery  

For laying out in the field with them, playing this through the car stereo: Coldplay - Yellow 

For that moment in the night when all is quiet and still: Incubus - Echo

For when you’re cold as ice and then you’re tragically melting: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

For when you need to rebuild from square one: Train - Brick By Brick 

For your inner punk rock teen who just wanted to ditch the haters and just go for it. You do you!: Weezer - Love Explosion

For silly slow dancing/jamming with your SO: Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons - Can’t Take My Eyes off You 

For the daydreamers: Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

For the penny-pinching lovers who aren’t about that 5 course dinner and bottle of champagne: Eliza Doolittle - Moneybox 

For when you’re drawn into the one you need to break free from: Sara Bareilles - Gravity

For when you need to know if this is it, if this is really enough: Train - If It’s Love 

For when you need to be reminded of the resounding, encompassing sound of His love: Switchfoot - Your Love Is A Song

For when you need to hear what true Lover has to say about you: Vineyard - Your Beloved

Part of my feels guilty that I found this due to a T-mobile commercial, and then I remember that that sounds pretentious.

Tilly and the Wall - Heavy Mood

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Monday blues are no match for this jam

Kishi Bashi - It All Began with a Burst

Guarnteed to want to make you rock out in your office chair or down the street. I suggest putting it on loop for maximum effect.
//And the source was your laughter// threw me off the wall

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Ray Noble - The Very Thought of You

Beautiful Thursday jazz for you!

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One of my favorite parts about going to an orchestra concert is to look for musicians who smile while they play. It lets me know that they are enjoying the production as much as I am enjoying the reception.

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Peace Piece - Bill Evans

Beautifully relaxing.

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Wearing Converses and a cardigan would sound something like this

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Chill enough for any time before noon, but fun enough for late night.

MGMT - Kids Upright Bass Cover

Something cool to listen to before going back to the real world tomorrow

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